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Lesley Hughes

Registered Physiotherapist


Lesley Hughes, Registered Physiotherapist at Fit For Life Physiotherapy in Burlington Ontario. Lesley is a registered physiotherapist in Ontario who has been working for almost 20 years helping older adults improve their cardiovascular and bone health. Lesley graduated from Queen’s University in 1996 with a degree inPhysical and Health Education. From there, she went on to complete aBachelors degree in Gerontology from McMaster University in 1998.

In 2002, she returned to McMaster to complete her Masters degree in Physiotherapy. Lesley stays connected with McMaster assisting in the clinical skills labs and also acting as a preceptor to physiotherapy students. Lesley
received her training in acupuncture from the internationally recognized Contemporary Medical Acupuncture Program at McMaster University in 2010.

Lesley has spent her career promoting healthy active aging, with a focus on Fall Prevention and Osteoporosis management. She has attended multiple courses and conferences on Osteoporosis and has been involved in research with both McMaster University and University of Waterloo in the clinical setting.
Using a person-centered approach, Lesley believes that educating the client about their injury/disease is essential to compliance and their ultimate success.

Lesley refers to mileage, not age, when talking to clients about their abilities and limitations!

Lesley provides physiotherapy both in-clinic and in-home.

When Lesley is not zipping around the clinic, she enjoys gardening, leisurelywalks in the trails and canoeing with her family in the Canadian backcountry.

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Lesley Hughes, Gold winner for Best Physiotherapist in Burlington in 2023 Lesley received the Gold Award for Best Physiotherapist in Burlington in 2023 by the Burlington Post Readers Choice Awards! 


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