How to Get Rid of that Pain Cycle Once and For All!

How to Get Rid of that Pain Cycle Once and For All!. Allow me to paint you a picture: You find yourself in pain, or maybe it’s not pain but there’s something uncomfortable limiting you. Maybe you’re trying to hit a new PR in the weight room or adding distance to your run or cycling and you get stopped in your tracks. Maybe it’s that quarterly back pain episode, or the problem that pops up every year when you start gardening, or the pain that you get everytime you walk u...
Posted on 2022-06-11

Do You Leak When You Exercise?

Do You Leak When You Exercise?
DO YOU LEAK WHEN YOU EXERCISE?. A Pelvic Physiotherapist Can Help!. We all know that exercise is beneficial for our health.  With so many known health benefits of exercise such as; increased energy, improved mood, better sleep, lower incidence of depression, promoting cardiovascular health and healthy body weight, there is good reason to find something you enjoy and fit it in your schedule.  Running, Bootcamp classes and Cross Fit are popular choices.  Some people may choose a t...
Posted on 2022-04-12

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