The Benefits of Walking with Urban Poles. Perhaps you’ve seen people in your neighbourhood walking around using a set of poles that look like cross country ski poles, and maybe you’ve wondered why they would use them. Urban poles, or you may have also heard the term Nordic poles, are a versatile tool that provide benefits for people dealing with an injury or painful joints as well as for improving general health/fitness. Urban poles can be a great tool to help support healthy act...
Posted on 2021-06-07
May is National Physiotherapy month.  During this month we want to celebrate and highlight some of the ways that Physiotherapy helps us to maintain and improve how we move, and to manage and prevent pain/injury and illness as we age. Did you know that falls and fall-related injuries in seniors is a significant issue within our healthcare system and creates a cost burden to our Canadian health care system.  Falls and fear of falling often restricts the activity level of our senior popu...
Posted on 2021-05-18

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