Do You Leak When You Exercise?

Do You Leak When You Exercise?
DO YOU LEAK WHEN YOU EXERCISE?. A Pelvic Physiotherapist Can Help!. We all know that exercise is beneficial for our health.  With so many known health benefits of exercise such as; increased energy, improved mood, better sleep, lower incidence of depression, promoting cardiovascular health and healthy body weight, there is good reason to find something you enjoy and fit it in your schedule.  Running, Bootcamp classes and Cross Fit are popular choices.  Some people may choose a t...
Posted on 2022-04-12

Tips to get the most from your physiotherapy treatment

How to Get the BEST Results from Physiotherapy Treatment. There are many reasons why you may be seeking treatment with a Physiotherapist.  You could have woken up with a stiff neck, had a fall or an accident, strained your back or your knees while doing some work around the house.  Physiotherapists assess and treat a wide variety of conditions and injuries.  Knowing who to see and how to get the most out of your treatment session is important to ensure that you feel your best. T...
Posted on 2022-01-18

Physiotherapy Promotes Healthy Aging

Physiotherapy Promotes Healthy Aging
May is National Physiotherapy month.  During this month we want to celebrate and highlight some of the ways that Physiotherapy helps us to maintain and improve how we move, and to manage and prevent pain/injury and illness as we age. Did you know that falls and fall-related injuries in seniors is a significant issue within our healthcare system and creates a cost burden to our Canadian health care system.  Falls and fear of falling often restricts the activity level of our senior popu...
Posted on 2021-05-18

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