GLA:D Program

Fit To move with Arthritis: The GLA:D® Program for Hip and Knee Osteoarthritis 


Do you have trouble getting up the stairs?  Pain with walking and getting on and off the floor? Difficulty playing with your grandkids at the park?

Have you stopped doing the activities you love because of your hip pain or knee pain? Are you feeling frustrated? Defeated? Like there’s no hope? 

Osteoarthritis is a leading cause of hip and knee pain and is a major contributor to disability around the world. With pain exacerbated by activities, and limited mobility, man people are left feeling like their only options are drugs or surgery. They get resigned to the idea that they just won’t be able to things and that they’ll have to leave their beloved hobbies and activities behind.  But it doesn't have to be so! 

Exercise is a proven first line treatment for osteoarthritis, and the GLA:D® program is here to help you get your life back!

What is GLA:D®

GLA:D® stands for Good Life with osteoArthritis in Denmark. It is a personalized exercise program in a group setting, specifically designed for people with hip osteoarthritis and knee osteoarthritis.  

The program was developed in 2013 by two researchers in Denmark - Professor Ewa Roos and Professor Soren Skou, who were looking to bridge the gap between treatment guidelines and clinical practice. The program is evidence based, well researched, and continues to be refined through data collection and outcome measures of current participants from around the world!

GLA:D® was such a success in Denmark that the program has grown internationally, making it’s way to Canada in 2015, and to our clinic in 2022 when Physiotherapists David Tait and Natalie Lehto became GLA:D® certified.

The program combines education and individualized group exercise  facilitated by Registered Physiotherapists who are certified through GLA:D Canada ™️ to offer the program. 

What does GLA:D® help with?

The GLA:D® program helps people with knee osteoarthritis and hip osteoarthritis reduce pain, improve function and improve quality of life! It helps people who are feeling limited by knee pain and hip pain from osteoarthritis get back to doing the things they love, and live a good life with arthritis! 

It doesn’t get rid of osteoarthritis, but it helps participants function better in their day to day lives and recreational activities. And isn’t that what’s it’s really all about? Being able to the things you love? 

Will the GLA:D® program help me? 

If you have hip pain, or knee pain from osteoarthritis and your day to day activities or recreational activities are being impacted, then the program could be for you! 

There are specific eligibility criteria for the program, so each participant must be assessed by a GLA:D® certified Physiotherapist prior to the start  to make sure that they are a candidate, and to collect baseline measures. . 

If you are not a candidate for GLA:D®,  no sweat! Our physiotherapists have other treatment options for hip pain, knee pain and osteoarthritis. 





Meet our GLA:D® Instructors

GLA:D trained Registered Physiotherapist David Tait

GLA:D trained Registered Physiotherapist Natalie Lehto

How Does the GLA:D® Program Work? 

The first step is to book in an assessment with Natalie or Dave. They will make sure you’re eligible for the program and take baseline measurements. 

From there, you’ll participate in a 7 week session that consists of two classes per week. 

The first week of the program is education - learning about osteoarthritis, treatment options and self management strategies. 

Weeks 2-7 you’ll be exercising! Each session, you will be guided by our GLA:D® trained Physiotherapists who will make sure you’re doing the exercises properly, that they’re an appropriate amount of challenge, and they’ll progress you as needed! 

At the end of the program, we’ll revisit the baseline measures taken before the program started to see how you progressed and you’ll have the option to share your data with GLA:D® international to keep feeding the research of the program.

Components of the program: 

  • Assessment for eligibility & baseline measures 
  • Week 1 - 2 x education sessions, 1 hr each 
  • Week 2-7 (6 weeks) - 2x exercise sessions/week, 1 hr each 
  • Outcome measures taken at the end of the program completion, and an opportunity to share your results with the GLA:D database to help further research

What are the benefits of  GLA:D®?

  • Reduce knee pain and hip pain 
  • Can help decrease use of medication 
  • Can help delay and avoid surgery 
  • Improve function - such as walking faster, more ease with stairs, more ease getting in and out of chairs
  • Improve quality of life
  • Connect with other people living with osteoarthritis
  • Opportunity to contribute to research and continued refinement & improvement of the program

If you’re curious about whether GLA:D® can help you let's have a chat!

Call us at 905-333-3488, email or join the interest list. 


SEPT 10 - OCT 31 2024 ( TUES & THURS 2:15 - 3:15 PM) 

NOV 5 - DEC 19TH 2024 (TUES & THURS 2:25 -3:15 PM)

Frequently Asked Questions about GLA:D®  

 How is GLA:D® different from doing my own exercise program at home? 

We are big supporters of movement and exercise, and we believe there’s lots people can do on their own. Where GLA:D shines, is that the exercises included in the program as well as the structure of the program,  have been shown to reduce hip pain and knee pain, improve function and improve quality of life. You’ll have our instructors there supporting you every step of the way, and making sure you’re doing the exercises properly. It’s not just about what exercise you do but how you do it.  Group programs also help people with accountability, and social support. It’s a win win win! 

Is GLA:D® covered by OHIP?

The program is not covered by OHIP at Fit For Life Physiotherapy, but it may be covered by your extended health benefits. Contact your provider to find out if you are covered. 

How much does GLAD® cost?

  • Pre-program Assessment: $130.00
  • 7 week session (2 classes per week): $490


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