Yoga and Pilates



The practice of yoga gently stretches, strengthens and opens the body, resulting in greater flexibility, energy, relaxation as well as stillness of mind.  Yoga can begin at, and is beneficial for all ages. At Fit For Life Physiotherapy classes are offered for beginners as well as those who are more experienced.  Join a class today to see and feel how yoga can help you be fit for life.

*NEW* Private Yoga with Tamara Cormier, Registered Kinesiologist and Yoga Instructor

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Pilates is a mind body exercise system, which will strengthen the weak and challenge the strong.  It was developed by Joseph Pilates during World War I when he designed a series of exercises and specialized equipment to assist prisoners of war regain their strength and mobility.  When he came to New York, the dance community discovered how useful his conditioning techniques were to prevent injury and improve strength.  STOTT Pilates is an anatomically based approach to the original exercise method, which has incorporated modern science and rehabilitation knowledge. 

At Fit For Life Physiotherapy, pilates exercises may be incorporated in to rehabilitation programs for people recovering from injury or wishing to prevent injury.  For those who want to experience the fitness benefits of Pilates exercises, both private and group classes are available.  Private and group sessions may involve mat based exercises incorporating the use of bands, balls and fitness circles or the reformer.  The reformer is a specialized piece of equipment that uses springs for resistance.  Exercises on the reformer allow you to strengthen the periphery while still focusing on the core.

Some of the benefits you will experience from Pilates include increased strength, stability, flexibility and endurance, improved balance, coordination, posture, body awareness and alignment.  To try it out yourself call us today to set up an introductory session.

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