Falls Efficacy Scale - International

Are You Fearful of Falling? 
(Short FES-I)

Below are some questions we would like to ask to find out how concerned you are about the possibility of falling.

Please reply thinking about how you usually do the activity. If you currently don’t do the activity, please answer to show whether you think you would be concerned about falling IF you did the activity.

For each of the following activities, please choose the statement that is closest to your own opinion to show how concerned you are that you might fall if you did this activity.

Not at all




Getting dressed or undressed 1 point  2 points  3 points  4 points 
Taking a bath or shower 1 point  2 points  3 points  4 points 
Getting in or out of a chair 1 point  2 points  3 points  4 points 
Going up or down stairs 1 point  2 points  3 points  4 points 
Reaching for something above your head or on the ground 1 point  2 points  3 points  4 points 
Walking up or down a slope 1 point  2 points  3 points  4 points 
Going out to a social event (e.g. religious service, family gathering or club meeting)          1 point 2 points 3 points 4 points

Add up your points from the questions, then see which category your total corresponds to. 


7-8 points - Low Concern 

9-13 points - Moderate Concern

14-28 points - High Concern

Regardless of which category you're in, the time to prevent falls is NOW! 
It's never to early, or too late to intervene and start a program to prevent falls. 

Our physiotherapists have developed a comprehensive falls risk assessment, based on the latest World Falls Guidelines for Falls Prevention and Management for Older Adults.

Click here to book in your assessment. 

Click here to learn more about Falls Prevention & Physiotherapy. 

*** The Short FES-I was developed by the Prevention of Falls Network Europe (ProFaNE) project from 2003 to 2006. Kempen GIJM, Yardley L., Haastregt JCM van, Zijlstra GAR, Beyer N, Hauer K, Todd C.

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