Happy New Year

New years is often a time of reflection of the past year and the year to come. It is for me anyways! I like to think about what went well in the past year and what didn’t and how I would like the next year to be. I don’t always set specific New years resolutions but I guess an intention for the year.   Don’t get me wrong – I am all about setting goals! I usually have one in the back of my mind most of the time. And while goals are great it seems that they can also be disappointing for some when their plan to reach their goal doesn’t quite go the way they had hoped or intended. If you are that person that sets a goal or a New Years resolution and then feels defeated a few months later when you have given up on it then maybe take a different approach or a different mind set!

Many people set resolutions around losing weight or getting more fit perhaps with specifics about how much weight or a completing a running race. For some this involves some big lifestyle changes to meet these goals. And lets face it this is hard to do! We are creatures of habit and when movement or exercise is not part of your daily routine and not in the forefront of your mind it can be hard to make it part of your day! I don’t think we are very good at keeping up with things that we don’t really like to do either!! And lets face it some exercise is just plain hard work and some people have a hard time finding enjoyment in hard work!

The trick is finding something that is fun to do! If you are not sure what that is then try surrounding yourself with people that are enjoying something active and give it a try! Think outside the box – try something that you haven’t considered before.

Do you have a sense of why these new years resolutions or fitness goals are elusive to you? Is it internal motivation? Is it nagging injuries or pain that hold you back? Surround yourself with people who are excited about what they do – whether it is a friend or family member or even a personal trainer! Eventually that external motivation is not needed because you will find it within you! Once you have discovered the joy of movement it all becomes easier! If it is injury or pain that is getting in your way surround yourself with good health professionals who understand movement and exercise. At our clinic the focus is always on restoring your ability to move well. Finding a physiotherapist who not only looks to decrease pain but also works with you to move better is who you need!

I guess the bottom line is to surround yourself with the right people to help you not just to get moving but to find that joy of moving. So maybe the resolution or intention for the year is to find joy in movement and exercise and the right team of friends, family and professionals that will help you get there! Set the goals later when you are ready to tackle them!

Here’s to a happy and healthy new year!

Miriam Mulkewich