Virtual Physiotherapy

Your child gets sick and you can’t leave the house, your meeting runs late, the weather is terrible and you don’t want to drive, or maybe it’s for pure convenience, there are so many reasons people choose virtual appointments with our clinicians. 

Vacations, work trips or something calling you out of town - wherever you have an internet connection, you can continue with your treatment. 

Disruptions in your day, or your week, don’t have to mean a disruption in your Physiotherapy treatment!

What is Virtual Physiotherapy? 

Virtual physiotherapy , also called online physiotherapy allows you to meet your Physiotherapist through our secure video platform for your appointment, instead of coming in person to the clinic.

What does Virtual Physiotherapy help with? 

Online treatment is a great opportunity to develop and progress your home exercise program, learn self management strategies, discuss strategies for implementation and for your therapist to provide education.

Virtual Physiotherapy can help with a variety of concerns and conditions where exercise is helpful, and you are able to exercise safely without being spotted by the therapist. 

Your Physiotherapist will help you determine if virtual Physiotherapy is a good option for you. 

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Will online treatment help me? 

Yes, online treatment will be helpful if exercise and movement are part of your treatment!

A few caveats - you’ll need a good internet connection, a device with a web camera, and some space where you can move and be seen by your Physiotherapist. 

If you’re seeing our Kinesiologist, or interested in Kinesiology or Yoga Therapy, those services can be provided online too! 

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What does online treatment look like/ what does it do? 

After booking your virtual appointment, you’ll receive a link from Jane, our secure platform.

Don’t worry - you’ll get an email reminder link just before the session, so you don’t have to go digging in your email if it’s been awhile since you booked. 

At the time of your appointment click the link in your email, and your physiotherapist will admit you into the session. 

Just like at an in person session, your physiotherapist will find out your concerns, and how things have been going since your last session together. 

Your physiotherapist will guide you from there, and they’ll direct you on where to have your camera, and where to be.

A few tips: 

  • Wear comfortable clothes that you can move in 
  • Find a well lit area so your therapist can see you well! 
  • Choose somewhere with some space for you to move around 
  • If you use any props for your exercise program, have them handy 

What are the benefits of online treatment? 

The biggest benefit of online treatment is to keep the ball rolling when you can’t get into the clinic. 

  • Develop and progress a home exercise program 
  • Education 
  • Strategies for implementation 

Frequently Asked Questions about online treatment

What is virtual physiotherapy?

Virtual physiotherapy, also called online physiotherapy, is a physiotherapy appointment that takes place on video through our secure platform. 

How does virtual physiotherapy work?

Once you've booked your appointment you'll receive a link for your appointment through our secure platform Jane. At the time of your appointment, click the link, and your physiotherapist will admit you to the session. Your therapist will guide you from there! 


How will virtual physiotherapy help me if I am receiving manual therapy?

Manual therapy provides so many benefits in our recovery from injury or management of pain.  When it works so well, it's hard to imagine that anything else is beneficial.  Even when you can’t get that hands on treatment, your physiotherapist will be helpful in an online treatment to show you techniques and exercises that can help you to decrease pain independently as well as teach you exercises to do at home that supports the manual work they do.  The more you know how to self treat, the quicker your recovery will be.  We don’t need to be in person to help you with that.

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